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Monday, August 15, 2005

LA Weekly: Education -Suze Orman - Fico Scores

Here Suze Orman is pretty excited that everyone get into control of their FICO score.

It's worthy $thousands for you to increase your fico score so that you'll get lower interest rates with your current and future lenders.

LA Weekly: Education: "FICO! FICO! FICO!
Orman urges people to immediately start raising their FICO score. 'Most people don�t understand the ramifications their FICO score has on every single aspect of their financial life. They just think it�s enough if they even understand what it is.' (By the way, it�s the number that determines the interest rate you pay on your credit card, your car loan and home mortgages.) 'The truth is it�s far more than that. It�s the number that will determine if a landlord will rent to you, in many cases if an employer will now hire you, and how much you will actually pay in premiums. It has to do with every aspect of your financial life.' "


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