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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Tip for credit repair. Write letters

Here's my tip for credit repair.

When communicating with credit bureaus, creditors etc, always write letters to them.
Make copies of your letters. Date stamp your letters when you send them and when you receive correspondence back from them.

I hear time and time again people say that they spoke to so and so creditor to try to fix their credit. I ask them.. "did you ever hear back from them?" Their reply is usually "no.. and I forgot when I called and what I said."

Even though writing is alot of work, you'll get much further with your dispute, especially when you've got back up documentation.

If you're not getting any results with your written documentation, the next thing is to take your folder full of letters to your local justice department and start complaining there. When the justice department asks for what happened between you and the creditor, you pull out your folder and hand it to the clerk.

When you write letters you've got a concrete history of events that is really hard to dispute.