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Thursday, August 11, 2005

You can't remember your debt..??!!

Sometimes you just have to get a chuckle with things.
I had a client in today who was the nicest person possible. We'll call this person Mrs X.

Mrs X has bad credit and we had a lovely chat while reviewing her credit reports, of course with both Equifax and TransUnion.

I found a surprising response to most of my questions. My questions weren't all that difficult. They went something like this:
ML "Is this your debt. What can you tell me about this debt?"

The reply to most of the items was, "I honestly can't remember.!"
At that point I wasn't shocked that this person had bad credit.

If you've got credit and don't have a head for numbers.. PLEASE make very loud reminders for yourself when things need to be paid etc. Make notes of every contract that you've signed with every company.

Quite frankly.. not remembering your debts is not an eligible excuse for not paying them. Creditors will still get mad at you and sue you for not paying them.

SERIOUSLY.. this person had credit items that were literally 10 years old and still plaguing her. (They were credit items for 5 and then went into collections for another 5) This is the penalty of not paying attention to your debts.

In short... the best way to repair your credit is by a great deal of planning and forethought about how to keep your debts current every month.

Monty Loree - President
Express Credit Repair