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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Credit Repair in Canada - Visit Express Credit Repair

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Monty Loree - President
Express Credit Repair

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  • At 1:14 AM, July 19, 2006, Blogger Identity Theft Victim said…

    12+ Years of Identity Theft committed by Equifax and Scotia Bank… in a NutsHell !

    Don't Trust the Financial Lending Industry ~ they steal our Identities, too...

    Everyone should check his or her credit report, RIGHT NOW!

    I have been trying to clear my name and clean up the many reporting errors that I've found in my credit rating history for almost 13 years now. Both Equifax and Scotiabank have not admitted to everything about the credit reporting errors. Scotiabank finally admitted to their failure in their reporting accuracy to Equifax, the credit reporting agency, and the courts found that Equifax failed their many investigations to correct the ongoing "identity theft" which has been ongoing since January 1994.

    These giant financial corporations have stolen my identity for almost 13 years - and that has seriously impacted and disrupted my life, my family, my finances, my business, my business partners and my friends. We need tougher legislation to enforce the credit bureaus to act responsibly in their profession in order to prevent errors and omissions from occurring; And to enforce the financial lending institutions to protect our identities from employees stealing our identities like our modern careless credit thieves.

    These errors consisted of several R9's, I9's, inaccurate public records, duplicate accounts, unauthorized extra accounts, inaccurate debt amounts, unknown inquiries, unapproved inquiries, improper investigations, misleading conversations, untruthful explanations, stalling and being "passed on and on" to several Equifax representatives. Not to mention Equifax’s, several 45 minute "hold times" during telephone calls – one right in the middle of a telephone conversations with me. These inappropriate actions are unacceptable coming from any corporation. These errors and their actions ultimately led to destruction our lives.

    These errors have been carried forward to and from by various financial institutions, with which I have dealt with, am currently dealing with or have tried to deal with over the past twelve years. It is hard explaining and demonstrating the many discoveries and frustrating roadblocks that have led to my suffering an emotional, mental, physical and economical breakdown. These roadblocks restarted September 6, 2000. The restart of employee deceptions and an attempted cover-ups by both Equifax and Scotia bank. I have endured years of lies that were told to me to keep me quiet or to placate me and from many non-corrective investigations made by Equifax and Scotia bank.

    Other individuals and consumers may, or may not, be aware that they too, might also have errors in their credit history reports. I would hope that Equifax, Scotia bank and all the other financial and retail lending institutions would take the necessary steps to ensure that all errors are corrected immediately and provide a full explanation of any findings. With me, Equifax and Scotia bank should have displayed a higher degree of professionalism in the correcting, the disclosing, the maintaining and the displaying of my true and accurate credit reports, instead of Equifax intentionally telling me mistruths about the true history and ownership of the bad credit history showing up on my credit report. How could I have learned more to protect myself?


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