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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Canadian Representatives

Dear Managing Director


This is Jichan Kim (PRO.) from SsangYong Steel Co., Ltd  On 11 January 2017, our company decided to source for an international company to represent  SsangYong Steel Co., Ltd  because of the difficulties associated with getting most of our Canadian client to pay us on time after the completion of delivery, we decided is will be easier to have an affiliate "Representative" dealing with our client locally to facilitate all payments in Canada. Your payment will be base on % from any successful payment from our offshore client with additional commission included. Note that this is a part time job that takes less than an hour of your time daily. If interested. 

 Contract  Condition:


1)     Plan is  based on SsangYong Steel Co., Ltd. to target every client (one-month after product received  from SsangYong Steel Co., Ltd )

2)     Receiving invoices from our finance departs regarding the payment to be collected

3)     Forwarding any cleared funds to the company account.

4)    Deducting any bank charges and your commission from the payment before transferring the balance to the company account.    


 Please specify any critical point to achieving this requested for our further consideration.

 We also have many projects which we will share with your company in future. Kindly consider our proposal as an opportunity to enlarge your company also as an affiliate.


 All other technical & commercial condition will be taking care of by SsangYong Steel Co., Ltd We also understand difficulties in dealing with payment collection. However, we will also be contacting the client regularly to make the immediate payment which will be communicated to them through finance department. We would highly appreciate your urgent response to our proposal

We look forward to hearing from you soon.


Very Respectfully, 

Jichan Kim (PRO.) 

SsangYong Steel Co., Ltd.

Busan Branch

4F, Dongwon Bldg, 70, Jungang-daero, 

Jung-gu, Busan, 48941, Korea

Tel/Fax  82-51-660-0591

Cel)  82-10-2914-3124