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Thursday, April 19, 2012

LinkedIn Network Updates, 4/19/2012

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Denise Griffitts is now connected to Angie M Jordan and 7 other people
Denise Griffitts I am excited to welcome back to Your Partner In Success Radio the fabulous Dondi Scumaci. We're going to talk about the importance of mentoring. Did you know that thirty percent (30%) of women executives and 24 percent (24%) of CEOs pointed to a lack of mentoring as one of the most significant obstacles for women and CEOs. And that eighty-five percent (85%) of women said that at least three or more individuals influenced their personal and professional development and contributed to their success?
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Please join me each Friday at 11 am Central as I interview internet industry leaders as they share their success stories, the passion that energizes them and the business knowledge that they are so willing to share. Where: Your...
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Evgeny Chernyavskiy, Invite me! First Sensor AG Stärken und Chancen: Aufstieg in die Top-Ten, Hohe Synergien, Attraktiver Markt.
Bert Schiettecatte European Bridges Ensemble on AudioCubes #AudioCubes
Simone Chevalley
Logitech reveals Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for the third-gen iPad, a...
Ever thought to yourself that those Smart Covers would be so much better if they somehow had a keyboard built in? Perhaps...
Kenneth G. (Ken) Mages Top 10 mobile commerce advertising campaigns of Q1 – Mobile Commerce Daily via Near Field Communications / Smart mCommerce - - Subscribe:
Top 10 mobile commerce advertising campaigns of Q1 – Mobile...
Mobile Commerce Daily today – Top 10 mobile commerce advertising campaigns of Q1; Retail email open rates on mobile double in a year: Knotice. - via Near Field Communication (NFC) / Smart mCommerce
How about these people? Stacy D. Roxanne Greene Evgeny Chernyavskiy, Invite me! Oriel Banne Gisele Jaquenod Amber Istre Benjamin Gillick Donna Best Evans Hulk Ho
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