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Thursday, May 25, 2006

RE: Facts Versus Fiction post

Comments like the following really bother me:

The right to collect the debt ..belongs to the creditor as does there right to hire an agency to do so.

Agencies do not have to have your authorization to report a third party collection. As members of a reporting agency, we have the right to do so. I suggest you become more familiar with the Collection Agencies Act which explicitly states what we can and cannot do.

You've just gotta love it when a brain washed collection agent gets on a forum such as this and starts talking out of his hat. I ask everyone who has now talked to consumer protection about a collection agency pipe up and answer this kind of post.

This makes me furious.

There is NO LAW that says anybody has to deal with a collection agency. Thus, the only way you have to deal with a collection agency is by contractual agreement.

The same goes for a collection agent giving your personal information to a credit bureau such as Equifax Canada or TransUnion Canada. There are laws saying that collection agencies need your permission to give out your information to any third party.

SEE PIPEDA - Federal Privacy Commission

Companies have to get your permission to collect and report your personal information. If they don't have that permission in writing, you can, and should, complain about them.

This collection agent doesn't really understand the law very well.

There is no law saying that a collection agent must give your personal information to Equifax or TransUnion. Thus it must be by written / contractual consent.