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Saturday, June 04, 2005

Debt Settlement in United States and Canada

This is an interesting article about reducing debt.

"McAuliffe is concerned about the amount of debt families are carrying. "At an average interest rate of 18 percent, it can take more than 30 years to pay down a $9,000 balance by making just the minimum payments, and cost two and a half times the balance in interest," he says. "

In some cases debt = slavery. Keep asking yourself if you really need that item before you buy it.

Have you ordered your credit reports lately?
Info about credit reports

I think people should spend a good solid month studying their credit situation. Reading contracts until you understand what you've agreed to.. As well... you need to order your credit reports and see them as well. Understand what is being said about you by the credit bureaus.


Debt Settlement in United States and Canada