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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Debt Settlement in United States and Canada

Debt Settlement in United States and Canada: "WHO QUALIFIES FOR DEBT SETTLEMENT?
You may qualify for our services if you are experiencing the following:
� have at least $10,000 in unsecured credit and are having difficulty making payments.
� are being hounded by debt collectors
� Your income was reduced thus diminishing your ability to make your regular debt payments
� You just want to get your debts paid off completely and not worry about them any more.
� You've been contemplating bankruptcy but want an alternative to bankruptcy.
� You would like third party collection agencies to stop calling and harrassing you.

Income reduction can be due to the following circumstances:
� Divorce
� Laid-off work / Job loss
� Medical emergencies
� Cut in wages
� Other emergencies such as extensive car repair, etc.
� Addictive shopping!
� Failed small business

Take a minute to fill out our quick form above to find out if you qualify for our services, and a debt counselor will be in touch with you within 24 hours.

Debt settlement is defined as negotiating a reduction in the amount owed, including principal and interest, to the creditor. We usually can reduce the amount owed by 30-50%.

Negotiating your unsecured debt to a reduced amount will take a huge weight off of your strained financial situation.

With our service you'll be dealing with an attorney who has many years handling debts situations like yours.

Our mission is to help you completely pay off your unsecured debts in 18-36 months in the most comfortable manner possible. Working with our law office gives you confidence in knowing that we can get you results in a very structured fashion. It's important that you deal with a law firm"