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Monday, May 23, 2005

Credit and Debt Management

I found this while search for material regarding debt settlement.
Credit and Debt Management

It just furthers people's education on credit. Credit is taken so much granted these days. I really wish people would stop, look, and listen when it comes to credit.

These articles talk about credit and the affect it has on marriage. As I'm reading more and more about credit and the impact it has on people's I see more instances of how credit affects people.

• Marriages - It puts pressure on husband and wife
• Families in general - the parents have to work more and don't have as much time for children and family activities.
• Your future retirement fund. The more you spend unecessarily today, the less you'll have to save for tomorrow. Are the toys you're really buying today going to give you the same satisfaction as a nice retirement fund to help your future?
• Your children's education fund - If you didn't buy those toys today, would you have money for your child's education?

It seems like EVERYONE is spending their children's inheritance these days.

Stop and think before you spend away your future. The credit card companies don't mind. They're not going to be there for you in the future when you need money though.

Monty Loree