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Thursday, December 23, 2004

People need to LEARN about the laws in Canada.

I just got a funny email from somebody who doesn't understand what we do for a living. He thought it was me getting collected from CBV Collections in Vancouver from the previous post.

It was CBV who contacted us regarding our client. I wish it was me he was collecting. I would have made an even bigger stink about the situation.

This just underscores the fact that most people aren't aware of the laws, or lack of laws in Canada regarding credit reporting agencies and collection agencies. We're a little ahead of our time.

We will continue to educate people about what we do. We don't tell people to dishonor their debts. If you agreed to a debt with a company, you should pay your bills. We're saying that many times the companies hire collection agencies illegally. Why should you deal with a collection agent that is not hired in a legal fashion? As we get the word out more, this will become a little more common knowledge.

Please check these things out with your local consumer protection in your province. What we're saying is true, yet not widely understood.

Monty Loree - President
Express Credit Repair