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Friday, December 03, 2004

Cell Phone Bill Collection Client

I have a client who was delinquent on his cell phone bill Sasktel Mobility. He owed $420.00
He filed for Consumer Proposal in December 2001. The cell phone bill was included in the consumer proposal.

A few months later, the client gets a collection call from a collection agency for the cell phone bill. Apparently the cell phone company didn't stop the collection proceedings. The client gets TWO collection notations on his credit report.

I called the cell phone company and the manager of accounting said, "Well, he should have some type of notation on his account showing he was delinquent."

POints to know from this transaction
1) The client should not have been collected because the item was in consumer proposal which is protected by law.
2) It is the accounting managers opinion that my client should have "something" on his credit report to show the delinquent account.

The point to this discussion is, sometimes important people in important companies don't know the regulations. You need to challenge them diligently to make sure you get your rights taken care of.

We'll be writing to Ministry of Justice - Consumer Protection about this.

Monty Loree - President
Express Credit Repair


  • At 8:45 AM, May 03, 2010, Anonymous credit repair company said…

    We will continue to educate people about what we do. We don't tell people to dishonor their debts. If you agreed to a debt with a company, you should pay your bills.


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